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Bot Builders Guild

Bot Builders Guild

This group meets periodically based on available content and interest. We demonstrate our department’s AI advancements, share pain points and pit falls for others to learn from, offer guidance and advice to each other, discuss AI ethics, and hear from solutions providers and partners should we chose. All with the intention of growing together and advancing County AI technology more quickly as a whole. - Not open to the public.

Present to the Bot Builders Guild

We are always looking for new AI and automation solutions.


Contact Aaron Judy to arrange a time slot

Contact Aaron Judy ( with the Clerk of the Superior Court. Time slots are Wednesdays 9AM-10AM AZ Time. (No DST). 


Create a small summary

Create a small summary of the AI/automation services your company provides. This will be included as part of the meeting invitation. When ready, submit this to Aaron Judy. No invitation will be sent until that has been submitted. 


Meeting invitations go out

Once the summary is ready, the meeting will be scheduled and attendees invited. You will be part of that invitation. At no time may you ever harvest the email addresses included in the meeting for direct or mass, current or future marketing. This is a requirement. The attendees will follow up with the presenter if desired. 


Meeting day

On the day of the meeting, plan to arrive (digitally) five (5) minutes early.

The meeting will be held via Microsoft Teams.

The meeting will be recorded and the recordings will be shared internally to the group via our SharePoint site. Vendors will not gain access to this site but may receive a copy of the recording. If you wish to have a copy, please provide the coordinator (Aaron Judy) with a cloud storage location for upload.

After the recording has started, the coordinator will introduce you and pass the "mic" to you. You will have the remainder of the hour for your presentation.  


Follow up materials

If you have materials, whitepapers, copies of slide decks, etc. that you wish to distribute to the group, please provide those to the coordinator. The coordinator will make these resources available via our SharePoint site. 

What are our use cases?

This user group started in Maricopa County for employees and since has expanded to include teams from the State of AZ and Orange County CA.

Maricopa County is made up of over 55+ different agencies with varying focus. Transportation, assessment, recording, technology, law enforcement, etc. Our use cases vary greatly but include conversational AI, document management, computer vision, predictive analytics, audit, etc. Agencies may need professional services to support these efforts, while others may not. 

Join the BBG

Joining is easy. Send an email to the coordinator letting them know you'd like to attend. Any government agency employee may join us. Attendance is not open to the public. 


Aaron Judy, Chief of Innovation and AI


+1 (602) 506 0042


Maricopa County Clerk of the Superior Court